Drunken Wrestlers 2 Wiki

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combo (Noun)

An action composed of a sequence of simpler actions, especially a composite attacking move in a fighting game.

All combos are player made, their effectiveness depends on timing and execution, rather than just being a "good" or "bad" combo. Not every possible combo is mentioned, these are just some combinations that players believe to be good.

Above is technically true, but good combo selection is a must to get good at the game. But there are absolutely bad combinations, any combo which leaves a large opening and builds no momentum is meme tier donkey dump. All combinations should seek to deceive and (or) build momentum to increase speed and power of the final strike (or subsequent strike).

Move Explanation
Right Neutral Kick+Overhand Right+Left Hook When done quickly, the kick+overhand will cause the opponent to stumble which can be followed up by the left hook to send them flying. Even without achieving a knockdown, this move can do considerable damage.
Left Overhand+Uppercut The overhand drops solid damage, makes them hit the block button, and brings you in to a range where the uppercut is primed to do big damage - Trillary
Push Kick+Right Head Kick+Cross/Uppercut N/A
Push Kick+Left Hook The push kick closes distance adding to the momentum of the left hook. Note, 95% of the time you interrupt the push kick with the left hook when you are in range for the left hook it is where most of the effectiveness of the combo comes from. Bucket of bread spams this move.
Left spinning Roundhouse + Right spinning back kick Both legs hit the opponent's head. Mysteriously, any body part that comes in contact with the enemy when an attack happens registers as a hit. If done too quickly, the velocity is enough to deal optimal damage.
Push Kick + Overhand Right The push kick closes distance, and is then followed by a overhand right.
Spinning Heel Kick + Left hook As a counter, the spinning heel kick evades and builds momentum and speed to the left hook. Very good combination.
Left Neutral Kick + Overhand right The left Neutral Kick adds some momentum to the overhand right, however the overhand should follow if player is hit one the tip of the kick
Left Neutral Kick + Right Straight The left Neutral Kick adds some momentum to the right straight, this should be used when the kick lands close enough to where you can land the right straight
Left Neutral Kick + Spinning Back Fist Left Neutral Kick speeds up the spinning back fist, should be used for ground combos (when your opponent is knocked down and is getting up).
Left Neutral Kick + Roundhouse Head Kick Left Neutral Kick speeds up and makes the roundhouse more powerful.
Left Neutral Kick + Left hook Not nearly as good as following with a right straight, however if you find yourself throwing a left neutral kick very close, following with a left hook may give you a little bit of damage.
Right Neutral Kick + Overhand Right Right Neutral Kick comes from the same side as the overhand right, so meaning if you are able to land the kick (if it lands it may stun) you can land the overhand right
Right Neutral Kick + Left hook Use in close range, with the kick your knee should hit the opponent then follow immediately after with a hook. The kick might drag them in a bit, this combo is decent enough.
Right Neutral Kick + Right Straight Not as good as left neutral + right straight, meh combo only the kick does make the straight stronger but the kick moves the opponent the other way. Use when opponent has put themselves in a perfect spot to be hit with the right straight
Right Neutral Kick + Left Overhand Use for whenever you are too far to do a left hook
Right Neutral Kick + Roundhouse Head Kick
Right Neutral Kick + Left Neutral Kick + Push Kick
Right Straight + Left Hook
Right Straight + Axekick
Uppercut + Left Hook
Left Hook + Uppercut
Push Kick + Left Overhand Use for whenever your opponent is predicting you to do a left hook, do it on the edge of the range of the left overhand of course.
Push Kick + Spinning Heel Kick
Spinning Heel Kick + Left Neutral Kick
Spinning Heel Kick + Right Neutral Kick
Spinning Heel Kick + Roundhouse Head Kick
Spinning Heel Kick + Axekick
Roundhouse Head Kick + Right straight
Roundhouse Head Kick + Left Neutral Kick
Roundhouse Head Kick + Axekick
Spinning Backfist + Overhand right
Spinning Backfist + Spinning Heel Kick
Spinning Backfist + Axekick
Axekick + Overhand Right Whitebelt Special
Push kick + left hook + right spinning roundhouse kick + left hook A terrifying combination of 2 combos, the push kick closes distance and relies on a timed left hook, while the right roundhouse does an extra blow while still in momentum, followed by a final left hook blow. If done properly this combo can land 2 crits or rarely 3